"As a legal advisor on wills and trusts, I enjoy helping my clients make an impact beyond their lifetime. With legacy giving, one plans to make a gift to benefit future generations. It's never too early to start planning, and it's never too early to start giving."

Francis Goh encourages his clients to think of their Last Will and Testament as their love letter to the ones that they are leaving behind. "When a person realises that he or she is a beneficiary of your giving, it is that moment when that person whom you have chosen to bless feels the depth of your love and care," says Francis, "If you choose to leave a gift to a charitable cause, it is also an expression of your concern for society."

With nearly 30 years in active legal practice, Francis is currently a partner at Harry Elias Partnership. He heads both the firm's Private Client Advisory and International Arbitration practices. In his work involving wills and trusts, he reveals, "I love helping people put their lives in order and to know that they have done their best to plan for those whom they leave behind.”

Apart from his legal work, Francis is also passionate about sharing his legal expertise with the wider public. A frequent speaker on subjects related to wills, probate, foundations and trusts, he also volunteers regularly with Law Society Pro Bono Services. 

Having advised individuals and business organisations on estate as well as business succession planning, Francis is an advocate for early and proper planning for those intending to make a legacy gift in their will. "Giving has to be part of an overall plan, taking into account the relative needs and your responsibilities," remarks Francis, "Then the giving is meaningful. It becomes a joyous occasion and something to be remembered."

These conversations will grow in importance, as more Singaporeans become mindful of their social responsibilities. "We’re seeing a generation in Singapore that has grown up in the good years. Many here have enjoyed a good life and they are now looking for purpose and meaning through sharing their wealth," says Francis. 

Francis believes that “legal professionals have a big role to play in educating their clients about how they can leave a legacy and the impact that their gift can make beyond their lifetime.”